(1) The use of photocopying is one key to simplifying the Installation support process. As-built/record drawings for location maps, site plans, and building drawings should be photo reduced to copying machine sized drawings metric sheet size A4, 210 mm x 297 mm (8-1/2″x11″)or A3 280 mm x 430 mm (11″x17″) and used as contract drawings, provided they are legible and accurate when reproduced.

(2) Another way to simplify the process is to use existing floor plans,(as long as you hold the copyrights exterior elevations, and cross-sections photographs reduced to copying machine sized drawings metric sheet size A4,210 mm x 297 mm (8-1/2″x11″) or A3 280 mm x 430 mm (11″x17″) to show the annotations(e.g., modification work, repair work, and/or maintenance work) by pencil/pen and ink changes and notes.

(3) When floor plans, exterior elevations, and cross-sections are photo reduced, a graphicscale should be included on the drawings to show the reduction so that the dimensions can be”scaled off” if necessary.

3b. Scanning. An alternative to the photocopying process is the graphic scanner. Scanned drawings of existing location maps, site plans, and buildings as-built/record drawings can often be reused quickly and effectively. The quality of the final drawings will often depend on the quality of the drawings being scanned (copyrights). If necessary and appropriate for fast turnaround, scanned drawings can be vectorized and modified on CADD.

3c. Photographic Drafting. As BUILT. The use of photographic drafting should be maximized whenever possible. Photographic drafting provides instant visual information for the contractor, cost engineers, and design agency field personnel. Photographic drafting can reduce disputes and claims by contractors because photographs superbly portray original conditions.

Photographs of existing conditions can be reproduced by a photocopying machine and notes can be added to the photographic drawings to provide instructions for the required work. Since the photographs will not be to scale, dimensions may have to be provided on the photographic drawings and/or additional drawings may have to be prepared, depending on the required work.