Lone Wolf Homes has collaborated with Bob Miller of RSM Drafting Services since 2015. Over the years, RSM Drafting Services has adeptly prepared numerous plans for new construction permits and “as builts” for renovation projects.

Bob consistently stands out for his professionalism. His drawings are not only top-notch but are also reliably delivered on schedule and within budget. Furthermore, Bob is remarkably responsive when clients request changes, promptly making necessary revisions.

I wholeheartedly recommend Bob Miller and RSM Drafting Services.

Robert Cote, LoneWolf Homes Ltd.

Robert Cote

I want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the generous drafting services you’ve donated to the BC SPCA – Kelowna Branch.

Nonprofits like BC SPCA rely profoundly on the goodwill of dedicated volunteers. Your contributions enable us to undertake initiatives that might otherwise be beyond our reach. It’s because of selfless individuals like you that we can continually enhance our services for the animals of this province and beyond.

Again, our deepest gratitude for your support.

Robert H. Busch

Congratulations on your outstanding academic results in the AutoCAD Certificate Program. Your achievement has earned you a spot on the Director’s List—a prestigious recognition for students who attain an overall grade average of 90% or above in the program.

Achieving this grade average speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication you have poured into your studies. It is my pleasure to acknowledge this notable accomplishment. Additionally, your achievement will be recorded on your Okanagan College transcripts.

Please accept my heartfelt wishes for continued success in your future educational and career endeavors.

Joanne Thomsen